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By sending the sms it will be unconditionally accepted that you have read the terms and conditions and that you have agreed to it in full.

Smsattorney.com nor it's administrators, owners or affiliated legal advisors (We) will be liable for damages as a result of any advice or services rendered by our affiliated legal advisors to a member of the public using this service. Nor will any of our affiliated attorneys or advisors be held liable for any damages as a result of ill advice given. Advice is normally provided on very little information given to the advisor and therefore our advisors or the administrators will not be liable for any damages inflicted because of insufficient or wrong advice given. Advice given also reflects the personal opinion of the advisor concerned, and does not necessarily means that it will be the universal opinion of all attorneys, or the only existing opinion on the specific matter. No refunds will be considered in any instance.

By sending the sms, you acknowledge that you will have no claim against the administrator's, owners or affiliated attorneys of smsattorney.com.

Please note that this service will not be allowed for commercial use. Only private matters qualify for free legal advice. Should your question be about commercial or business issues our affiliated attorneys will not be obliged to assist you. Please note that refund will not be done in this instance.

We only act as intermediary between the public and affiliated attorneys and can and will not get involved in to any disputes between the user (you) and any participating attorney, neither can or will we interfere with any service any of our affiliated attorneys render to the user.

Each sms will be charged at R15.00 and no refunds will be considered for ANY reason. Each sms entitles you to one free telephonic consultation of maximum 15 minutes with one of our affiliated attorneys, or to one email consultation. Consultations can be telephonically or via email at the sole discretion of the concerned affiliated attorney. The R15.00 charge per sms is to maintain this system. The legal advice is FREE

Affiliated attorneys are obliged to provide one FREE consultation and may charge normal fees for follow-up consultations, personal consultations or services rendered.

Attorneys are not obliged to call you back. The telephone call is for your own account.

Should you find that the affiliated attorney you were referred to by us is not available or unwilling to provide one free consultation, then you should contact us at (012) 379 1756 or email to customercare@smsattorney.com . Please provide us with the attorneys name and your reference number received by sms. We will then investigate the matter and/or assist you.

Free legal advice will only be provided on one specific topic at a time per reference number. You will have to obtain a separate reference number for each and every different topic you need advice on.

If the attorney concerned is of the opinion that you should have any follow up consultations with him/her, such follow up consultations will be charged by the attorney concerned at his/her normal fees.

Please note that should you use the wrong keyword, or should your sms not reach us for any reason, we will not be liable to refund you in any amount. Using this system is at your own risk.

Should you have any other queries regarding this service, please call (012) 379 1756 or email us as customercare@smsattorney.com