How to receive Free Legal Advice

SMS legal followed by a space and your town to 39051 @ R15,00 (incl of VAT)

To get a reference nr for your Free legal consultation follow these easy steps

  • Select Menu on your phone
  • Select Message on the menu
  • Choose Write Message on the menu
  • Key in legal followed by a space and your town/surburb or name of your nearest postoffice or police station
    • (Example legal Pretoria)
    • (Example legal Centurion)
    • (Example legal Erasmia )
  • Please indicate a town
  • Choose Send once your message is complete. When asked for the phone number use 39051 sms charged @ R15,00 (incl of VAT) then press send or ok. Please note that a consultation with an attorney for legal advice can easily cost you R250 or more. By using our system, it will cost you only R15 for the reference number and the advice from the attorney is FREE.
Because each cellphone is different you may need to consult your cellphone manual for the correct procedure with your phone
sms legal sms legal sms legal
Key in legal followed by a space
and your town
Send the message to the
shortcode 39051
You will receive a confirmation message