What is SMS Attorney

SMSATTORNEY.COM is a live portal introducing local attorneys to members of the public seeking legal advice. Participating attorneys are requested to provide at least ONE FREE consultation to the member of the public.

Any member of the public seeking legal advice can sms his/her detail to our short code prime number 39051 with keyword legal followed by a town of your choice. This will be charged at R15.00 per sms. The client will immediately receive a replying sms and reference number from our server containing the name and contact details of a participating attorney in his/her area. The client can then phone the participating attorney and request free legal advice. The participating attorney can verify the subscription of the client on our webpage prior to rendering the free legal advice.

Should the participating attorney be of opinion that the client needs more legal services, such services will be rendered by the attorney at normal fees.

SMSATTORNEY.COM only introduce the member of the public to a local attorney and has no interest in the affairs of the participating attorney or the client. Nor will accept any referral fees or "kickbacks" from any participating attorney.

We only allow our registered panel attorneys as participating attorneys.